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    "I love the new painting! It's actually a little more golden and fluid than it looks in the pic and I love the movement; everything in my house is a little on the warm and yellow and gold side so it could hang pretty much anywhere. It's going to the framer shortly and I look forward to having it up :-)"

    "Jamie, it's lovely!!! Thank you so much for all the time and love you've put into it! You have no idea how much joy your work is bringing to me. I'm very grateful!"

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Archive for February, 2007

Yelllow Mums in February 12×12" oil painting

Posted by Jamie on February 26th, 2007

Click to enlarge:

SOLD! Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com to inquire about a similar painting.

12 x 12″, Oils on Canvas covered hardboard, unframed

Today I had a great time painting with palette knives for the first time in a long time. I must have been color starved after being away from painting much of this week! This was so much fun that I think I’d like to get back to doing some more knife paintings—-perhaps one a week as a change of pace. This is larger than many of my “daily paintings” at 12×12″. The paint is extremely thick and the work is very textural, which is hard to see in a digital rendition. I used a fairly large palette of colors, compared to my usual limited palette choice:
Cadmium yellow lemon
Cadmium yellow pale
Napthol Red
Burnt Sienna
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Cerulean Blue
Titanium White

Tomorrow I’ll finish up a painting I started while my neice was here. I’m looking forward to getting back into the daily painting swing of things again.

Winter Break

Posted by Jamie on February 19th, 2007

I’m off for several days of family activities. Schools are closed all week, and I’ve been having some fun doing things with my daughter and hubby. I’ll be back with more artwork on Monday, February 26, if not before.

A Day of Thumbnail Sketches in Ink and Watercolor

Posted by Jamie on February 18th, 2007

Click to enlarge images:

Today was a busy day and I knew I wouldn’t have time for a full-fledged painting, so I began the day by making a two-page grid of boxes in my sketchbook. That way, I could do small thumbnail sketches as I went about my day.

I used a Uniball Vision Micro pen to do all the drawing. For some of them, I used the little Koi watercolor box that’s in the sketch, with a water barrel brush; for others, I used the palette below with an Escoda #6 travel brush (the gold cylinder in the photo). I loved doing this “grid” approach to quick sketches. It made them feel managable on a day when I otherwise would not have done any artwork at all. It looks pretty cool in the sketchbook too!

$115.00 plus $10 shipping and insurance within the Continental United States. For local sales, shipping charge will be allocated to NYS Sales Tax. Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com for International purchases or with any questions.

7 x 5″, Oils on canvas covered hardboard, unframed

All proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated to Putnam Arts Council for the rebuilding of their Art Center and Galleries following the horrible fire on Sunday night.

I painted this interior scene from life while gallery sitting at the Belle Levine Gallery at Putnam Arts Council. Following the fire on Sunday night/Monday morning, this gallery space is no more. Having recently shown about 40 paintings here during the holiday season, it’s hard for me to believe it’s gone. It is such a terrible loss for Putnam County. The sculpture in the painting, “Hawk of the Hudson”, is by the wonderful sculptor Paul Yarden. It was made from driftwood found along the riverbank.

You can read more about the fire and public reaction (including my own) in

  • this newspaper article
  • Tracks in the Snow at Sunrise

    Posted by Jamie on February 7th, 2007

    SOLD! Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com to inquire about a similar painting.

    6 x 6″, Oils on sealed, primed hardboard, unframed
    I looked out the window this morning and there was a beautiful sunrise of subdued violets and yellows over the lake. I wasn’t yet set up to paint, and knew that what I was seeing would vanish long before I had a chance to lay out palette and get my brushes. Rather than skip painting a sunrise, I went through photos I’d taken of the view in previous winters. I came across one I’d been meaning to paint for a long time, and spent the morning having a wonderful time doing this painting.

    Tomorrow morning, I’ll have to make sure I’m set up earlier to catch it in the moment!

    Here’s an update of my show calendar so far for 2007:
    March 10-about April 8—Hudson River Show at Freshman Fine Arts, 4 South Chestnut St, Beacon
    May 12-June 4—Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters show at Bannerman Island Gallery, Main St, Beacon
    June 15-July 1—White Silo Winery (four-artist show)
    September—Two-person show with Suhua Wood at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
    October—Artists on Location, Garrison
    October—Two-person show with Walter Mosley at Bannerman Island Gallery
    December—Solo show at North Salem Library
    Of course you can always see a rotating selection of my work in all styles and subjects at The Paint Box in Bedford Hills.

    There’s a link on the right to my blog for my shows, openings and other events. Stay tuned there for more news. I’ll add specifics as the dates get closer.

    Brass Pitcher and an Apple in Sue’s Studio

    Posted by Jamie on February 7th, 2007

    $100.00 plus $10 shipping and insurance within the Continental United States. For local sales, shipping charge will be allocated to NYS Sales Tax. Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com for International purchases or with any questions.

    7 x 5″ matted to 10×8, Watercolor on Fabriano Artistico 100% rag paper, unframed

    I had a couple of hours of free time while my daughter was at gymnastics, so I went over to my plein air buddy’s studio, which is near the gym, and did a couple of watercolor sketches. Sue and I paint outside all the time together, but not in the winter when it’s about five degrees out! It’s really fun to play with someone else’s still life stuff. She has this sweet brass pitcher that I loved painting. I’ve put it in a double mat, so it’s all ready to pop into any standard 8×10 frame.

    It was my birthday a few days ago and my husband got me these gorgeous red sable, Escoda travel brushes, sizes 10 and 6. The brushes come apart and slip inside the tubes that double as handles. This watercolor sketch was my first test drive of the new brushes. I love them to bits! They fit right inside the pocket of my sketchbook cover too.

    Carnations and a Shell, oil painting 6×8

    Posted by Jamie on February 4th, 2007

    $150.00 plus $10 shipping and insurance within the Continental United States. For local sales, shipping charge will be allocated to NYS Sales Tax. Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com for International purchases or with any questions.

    8 x 6″, Oils on sealed, primed hardboard, unframed

    Sketches of Old Sturbridge Village

    Posted by Jamie on February 2nd, 2007

    All images can be clicked for larger versions.

    I drove up to Massachusetts today to have brunch with my son, and decided to sketch at Old Sturbridge Village while I was in the vicinity. What a fabulous place to draw and paint! It’s an old colonial village, with everything from farms and sawmills to pottery demonstrations and hot mulled cider over an open fire. They do not allow photography nor artwork for commercial purposes, but they had no problem with me bringing my sketchbook around.

    These are ink and watercolor in a 5.5×8.25″ Hand Book Journal. They’re done across the two-page spreads, so each image is about 8×10″. The images are a little distorted because the paper doesn’t lie perfectly flat.

    I started out in the Towne House (above), on the recommendation of the sweet woman working the Admissions counter. I could have spent the whole day drawing there, but there were so many other things to see!

    The Fenno House was my next sketching stop, where this big fireplace with oven and built in cabinets above captured my interest (below). I didn’t realize there was a person spinning wool in the next room! We chatted for awhile about all the interesting things there, and I sketched a couple of them. She gave me a piece of unspun wool to bring home. The little house in the drawing below is the Fenno House.

    The District School (below) had a sloping floor so that the students in the back would be able to see the teacher! The benches were built so that the backs served as desks for the students behind.

    On the upper right, that brick structure is a huge pottery kiln. When I say, “huge,” I mean about 20 feet tall! The kiln takes 3-5 cords of wood to stoke the fire, and can handle about 800 pots at a time. They fire up the kiln a few times a year.

    The image below that one was sketched in the kitchen at the Freeman House and Farm, where I was served hot mulled cider by a woman dressed as a farmer’s wife in colonial times. She was cooking bread pudding over the open hearth in the kitchen. On top of the cabinet is a sugarloaf. The farmer’s wife would break off pieces and grind them with the mortar and pestle.

    When I left the farm and continued walking down the road, I saw this picturesque covered bridge over a frozen pond (below). I walked past the blacksmith, sawmill, and some other buildings and crossed over the bridge, heading back to the Village Green.

    The bank in the Village Green is really pink! It was getting late, so I headed back to the main building to quickly check out the Clock Museum before it was time to go. On my way there, I came across an artist painting a wall mural based on a colonial woodcut. He’d project a transparency of the woodcut onto the wall, and then do an interpretation in black acrylic on the white wall. It looked fabulous.

    I only had enough time left to get to the gift shop. I wanted some kind of a small souveneir, made there at Old Sturbridge Village, to bring home with me. I found the perfect item; it’s a little ceramic inkwell!